Nose Balm

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A healing and softening balm of oils, waxes, and herbs that smells like eucalyptus and wintergreen. Formulated for our dry, Rocky Mountain noses, and for soothing red nostrils when you have a cold. Kids love it!


Olive oil*, VT beeswax**, Echinacea*, vitamin E oil, calendula*, comfrey*, St John’s wort*, yarrow*, chamomile*, chaparral, burdock*, myrrh, red clover*, plantain*, mugwort*, hyssop*, lavender*, chickweed*, essential oils of eucalyptus*, lavender*, and wintergreen*. (*Organic, **Pesticide free)


Nose Balm is my all-time favorite! I couldn't live without it.

Cathy, Lyons, CO


Nose Balm is excellent for clearing up that dried out nose that comes with a cold. This product lubricates within and without, makes breathing easier by opening nasal passages, and has made me feel better faster. I love the smell, and when I go outside after applying it, the high desert smell here seems wonderfully magnified.

Cindy, Lyons, CO