About Us

My husband, Mike, and I are proud to carry on the small batch craftsmanship started by Garima Fairfax under the name Wild Sage Botanicals, named after the beautiful perennial Wild Sage (Artemisia vulgaris). These products will continue to be of high quality and produced under ethical standards with consideration to the environment. In the fall of 2018, organic herbs were transplanted from Garima's garden into ours for future use in these wonderful skin care products. 
We've called the Front Range of Colorado home since 2011 having moved here from Vermont. In our free time we love to adventure outdoors with our 4 pups finding peace out on the trails.
In addition to Wild Sage, I specialize in Rolfing Structural Integration and Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy. To learn more about my practice visit my website fascialplanes.com  ~Danielle
Mike & I atop James Peak 


For more on the history of Wild Sage you can read the following article written by Garima for a local Lyons, CO paper lyonsrecorder.com/index.php/business/1722-from-healing-hand-to-healing-hand

Garima in her garden