About Us

At Wild Sage Botanicals, I am proud to offer you quality, hand-made skin care products. I grow essentially all the herbs for my products in my organic garden nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

I continue to hear from my customers and friends almost daily that their skin has never looked better, and has never felt this glowing and healthy.

I use ingredients which are all natural, recognizable, and ethically grown. They are organic whenever available. I buy organic jojoba oil from Arizona, organic unrefined shea butter from Uganda, and organic sunflower oil from California.

I never use any synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances. My products contain only vegetarian ingredients, plus honey and beeswax. All my products have been tested by my human friends, and are gentle enough to be used by those whose skin is sensitive or allergy prone.

My Wild Sage natural herbal skin and body care products feel very clean, have a delicious herbal fragrance, and serve to normalize all skin types. I have carefully designed each one to help you look and feel radiantly beautiful. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The name of my business is inspired by the beautiful Wild Sage (Artemisia vulgaris), a perennial that grows afresh in my garden every year into a wondrous presence towering over six feet tall. 

About Danielle

More about the new owner of Wild Sage coming soon. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please forward to hello@wildsageskincare.com