Embrace the light...

Tinges of pink were left in the pockets of clouds as the sun made its way below the horizon. As the sky darkened, lightning bugs showed off their special talent and spoke in a secret language. We watched, occasionally gasping, while the cool breeze moved over our skin.

Are you in need of some herbal first aid? Amazing Red Clay Mud is your ally for all things that itch, sting, or are just overall irritated.

Honey Papaya Mask has a slightly new look thanks to the addition of papaya leaf. Did you know there is higher enzymatic content in the leaf than the pulp? Use this mask weekly for some added hydration and to help even skin tone.

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J.D. in California gave us some love, "I adore your products and how they make me feel!" 

Wild Sage only uses pure, clean (aka synthetic free), organic/wildcrafted (pesticide free) ingredients. The result is ultra-concentrated skin care...a little goes a long way...so you can feel good about what goes on, and ultimately in, your body.