Heading towards Summer...

Tranistion is upon us once more - in Vermont we've tasted early doses of true summertime heat in recent weeks that have been somewhat shocking to my system and to the plants. I savor Spring and the gentleness she brings to each day, the sun gaining more warmth, so the intensity of *HOT* weather at the end of May and early June was disorienting to say the least. Thankfully rivers and streams are abundant and help to take the edge off.

In addition to seasonal transition, I am in the midst of personal transition...we are on the move once again! Due to the challenges presented by today's housing market, we have been unable to purchase our VT home and have had to come up with an alternate plan for the time being. We continue to ebb and flow with what comes our way :)

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A.D. in CO shares, "Lavender Mint Toner has become part of my daily face care routine! I use it after Almond Face Cleanser. It smells great and, best of all, my wife always comments how nice my skin looks!"

These kind words made it easy to pick my Spring recommendations. No, you're not experiencing deja vu...Ayate cloths are a highlighted item yet again (I'm a big fan). A brand new cloth is a special day when used in the shower for the first time, though I'm just as excited seeing these natural fiber cloths break down over time knowing they will eventually join the compost pile to be a part of the regenerative cycle.

Wild Sage only uses pure, clean (aka synthetic free), organic/wildcrafted (pesticide free) ingredients. The result is ultra-concentrated skin care...a little goes a long way...so you can feel good about what goes on, and ultimately in, your body.