Ups, Downs, Turnarounds...

Cold, then warm. Chilly, then downright balmy. This Fall season has me slightly flummoxed at times. Do I need a hat and gloves today? Should the potted plants be brought in tonight? Is an extra blanket needed on the bed? Yes to all! Followed by a strong *no* 24 hours later. Ack! One thing I'm never tired of is my regional weather report :)

The hustle bustle of the farmers market season ended mid-October which already seems ages ago. Late season tomatoes soon moved aside for the stars of these colder months...roots! Anything roasted till caramelized is more than welcome on my dinner plate. A shift in seasons mean a shift in your skins needs. Pay extra attention to the temperature of your bath or shower, the water you wash your dishes with and adjust accordingly. As a person who runs *cold* I try and resist the temptation of a steamy, hot shower this time of year (not so true when we were living in an old farmhouse with minimal insulation and a stiff draft that blew from underneath every baseboard/vent/windowframe/door, but I digress...). To keep my hands from becoming a chapped mess I *always* (ok, most of the time, no one is perfect!) glove up when doing dishes and use Healing Hand Cream before going to bed. Luscious Body Butter provides all the richness needed to keep skin quenched and bump free. Rosemary Jojoba Hair Oil brings balance to hair (and scalp) challenged by dryness and, if you're like me, the confines of a knit cap.

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Molly in VT shares, "My skin was a mess during my teen years, but I never imagined that I'd still be getting blemishes in my 30s. Because I tend to get eczema on my hands, even something as simple as daily face washing can dry my hands out and make me itchy. It's pretty hard to wash your face without also washing your hands! Imagine my excitement when I found that not only did the Almond Oat Face Pack cause my blemishes to become a thing of the past, it's also so gentle and rejuvenating that it doesn't irritate my hands to use it daily! I will never use any other cleanser again!"

Wild Sage only uses pure, clean (aka synthetic free), organic/wildcrafted (pesticide free) ingredients. The result is ultra-concentrated skin care...a little goes a long you can feel good about what goes on, and ultimately in, your body.