Until we meet again...

News? I've got it! Wild Sage is saying farewell to Colorado and heading northeast to Vermont. Moving day is fast approaching...in an effort to stay present and grounded in the final weeks of summer we are celebrating these skin care essentials to help reveal a brighter more balanced you.

Almond Oat Face Pack - A favorite of mine and a must have for its gentle exfoliation and soothing ingredients. I often use it as a mask allowing the ingredients to harmonize and do their magic for 15 minutes or so. When I'm ready to rinse I add a bit of water and gently massage my entire face to enhance exfoliation.

Honey Papaya Mask - In need of additional antioxidant and enzymatic action? Raw wildflower honey provides both and so much more including evening out skin tone, clearing acne, and is incredibly moisturizing. Organic papaya supplies Papain enzyme, which removes dead skin cells, elevates your glow, and hydrates dry skin.

Lavender Rose Moisturizer - A perfect, lightweight summertime facial moisturizer to have at the ready when temps are still high. Essential oils of rose and lavender bring calm and gently revive one's spirit. Lavender is suitable for all skin types and is a true jack of all trades in treating blemishes, sunburns, and skin irritations like eczema - just to name a few! Rose...where do I begin? True organic Rose Otto, like the one used in Wild Sage products, smells divine and has the power to shift tension, sadness, or stress. For the skin, it tonifies and eases irritation from an inflammatory response.

Wild Sage will be shipping orders through August 17th and then we will press pause until August 30th. This will give us the time to journey east, though online orders may resume shipping prior to 8/30 if the stars align. Online orders can still be placed during this time. Wild Sage will continue to operate as it does now with meticulous attention given to sourcing pure ingredients, small batch production, and lots of love.

Thank you in advance for your patience during our time of transition and your support in Wild Sage!

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A.C. in California recently shared, "Your products are wonderful and make my skin glow. So grateful for you guys and the beautiful products you make.

Wild Sage only uses pure, clean (aka synthetic free), organic/wildcrafted (pesticide free) ingredients. The result is ultra-concentrated skin care...a little goes a long way...so you can feel good about what goes on, and ultimately in, your body.