Spring, is that you?

I'm reading the signs...happy birdsong in the mornings, sun (actual sun!), fresh blades of grass finding their way out of the wet mud. Before I get too caught up with myself, I remember there are still some weeks ahead that will have me lighting the woodstove and pulling on layers. Sigh, so close.

My product recommendations for this month include...

Luscious Body Butter ~ I don't know about you, but this body needs some moisture!

Nose Balm ~ Always a year round favorite. Naturally I reach for this more when it's cold and the wind seems like it is attacking you from every angle. 

I'm very happy to announce that Wild Sage can now be found at The Farm Store (details can be found here) in Jeffersonville, VT. This is a gem of a shop and a must stop for those passing through the area.

We thank you for your continued support in Wild Sage! Don't be shy...send us a line.

J.D. in California gave us some love, "I adore your products and how they make me feel!" 

Wild Sage only uses pure, clean (aka synthetic free), organic/wildcrafted (pesticide free) ingredients. The result is ultra-concentrated skin care...a little goes a long way...so you can feel good about what goes on, and ultimately in, your body.