Amazing Red Clay Mud

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Dab a little of my specially formulated mud on blemishes, insect bites, or poison ivy rashes to achieve clear, lustrous skin. Leave on for a few hours, or even overnight to encourage the removal of inflammation without damaging or scarring delicate skin. Great for teenagers!



French red clay, extracts of witch hazel**, myrrh, Echinacea*, calendula*, infusions of lavender*, rosemary*, and thyme*, grapefruit seed extract, essential oils of lavender*, rosemary*, peppermint*, and tea tree*. (*Organic, **Pesticide Free)



I used the Amazing Red Clay Mud on a very large and sore pimple. I left it on overnight and by morning, the swelling was down and the pimple was all dried up.
– Laura, Lyons, Colorado


This stuff is great! A bee stung my neighbor on the back of his hand where it is especially painful. A dab of mud, and voila, pain gone almost instantaneously. We've also used it for mosquito bites and poison oak rash. The itch disappears immediately and the swelling / rash disappears in short order. It's non-toxic and can be used on kids, too. This amazing mud should be at the front of everybody's medicine cabinet!
– Navina, Oregon