Brilliance Cream

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My thickest cream is rich in wrinkle-softening and moisturizing shea butter. It has a sweet, uplifting citrus fragrance which is suitable for women or men. It may be used on normal to dry complexions, and is nourishing for mature skin. Apply moisturizer in the morning after using your choice of cleanser and toner. My best selling moisturizer!


Jojoba oil*, infusion of lemon balm*, chamomile*, calendula*, comfrey*, and horsetail*, aloe vera juice*, shea butter*, rose hips seed oil*, beeswax*, vitamin E oil (d-alpha tocopherol), grapefruit seed extract, xanthan gum, benzoin resin*, essential oils of of lavender*, bergamot*, melissa*, geranium*, and chamomile*. (*Organic)


I really like Brillance Face Cream because it makes my skin feel younger. I love that it's real and doesn't have chemicals in it. And it feels so good when I put it on!

– Shirley, Lyons, Colorado