Almond Face Cleanser

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My almond face cleanser cleans your face morning and evening without drying it out the way soap can. Soap might leave your skin feeling clean, but it can upset the water to oil balance by completely stripping away natural oils.

Almond Face Cleanser dissolves excessive grease on the skin, reduces enlarged pores, and gently exfoliates. It stimulates circulation in dry skin and unclogs pores in oily skin.

Once the cleanser has been thoroughly rinsed off, complete your routine with a toner.

Be sure to always use clean hands when dipping into the jar to avoid contamination.



Horsetail infusion*, almonds*, jojoba meal*, sunflower oil*, bentonite clay, St. John’s wort extract*, oats*, fennel seeds*, xylitol, wildflower honey,  vitamin E oil (d-alpha tocopherol), grapefruit seed extract, benzoin resin*, Irish moss. (*Organic)


Almond Face Cleanser makes my skin feel like velvet! I use the cleanser with Rose Geranium Face Lotion in the morning and just the cleanser at night. Previously, I always had skin problems. My face has never been this nice; I love your products!

— Annie, Estes Park, Colorado