Kitchen Botany

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Written and illustrated by Garima Fairfax

Vegetarian recipes that teach you about plants

Would you like to learn botany while you cook? My unique cookbook joins botany and the pleasure of creative cooking. We are going to combine foods which are closely related to each other in order to help learn who is related to whom. Eating is a very effective (and fun) way to help retain what you learn.

I teach Botany classes at several schools in the Rocky Mountains. On the last day of every class, we have a botanical potluck. Each of us chooses a botanical family and makes a dish using ingredients primarily from that family. Then the rest of the class tries to guess the family. This event is so enjoyable for all of us that it has inspired this cookbook.

Goosefoot Family 

Each family is identified by its common name (Goosefoot family), its Latin name (Chenopodiaceae), and its kingdom (Plant Kingdom).  The recipes center around foods in the family (spinach, beets, lamb's quarters, chard, and quinoa), and are all healthy, natural, and easy to make.  I've also written a small poem-song for each family to help you learn its botanical characteristics.

 The goosefoot poem:

   These are weedy plants
   That grow in salty soil
   With mealy feeling leaves
   And tiny greenish blooms.

 From main dishes and breads to cookies and desserts, muffins and puddings to soups and salads, you'll find over 140 recipes in 4 kingdoms and more than 40 families, accompanied by 58 paintings showing what the plant looks like.

The Yam Family

The Chestnut Family