Caring About You and Your Natural Products

Posted by Garima Fairfax on

Did you know your skin is the largest organ in your body? That’s around 20 square feet for an average adult! It stands to reason that what you put on it is just as important as what you eat - perhaps more so. Wild Sage Products not only smell good, but they are good for your skin and whole being.

At least part of this healthy aspect is because they contain no strange additives or commercial preservatives. Substantial studies show that some additives used in many ‘off the shelf’ skin care products can be harmful to your body. On all Wild Sage Products you can read the labels and actually recognize and pronounce each and every ingredient. Most of these herbs are grown naturally in my own Rocky Mountain garden!

Because they contain none of those potentially harmful commercial preservatives, some of my products may have a longer shelf life if you keep them cool. This applies especially to Brilliance Face Cream, Luscious Body Butter, and Almond Face Cleanser. If you buy extras and don’t plan to use them right away, I suggest that you keep them refrigerated - especially in this Summer heat. Also when you use these products, it’s best if you wash your hands before dipping in, as this will prevent the introduction of outside bacteria.

I hope you (and your skin) enjoy a long and healthy life!