Amazing Red Clay Blemish Mud

Posted by Garima Fairfax on

Amazing Red Clay Blemish Mud is such an awesome, useful product. Put a dab of this paste on a bee sting or bug bite, and it takes away the burning and itching. Dab it on pimples or boils, leave it overnight, and wake up to find they've lost their swelling and redness. Some take two nights, but many are gone in just one night.

For those of you who find you've rolled in poison oak or poison ivy, spread this soothing mud on the rash, and feel the relief as the itching subsides. If you have teenaged boys with acne on their backs, spread it on the reddened area at night, and leave it on all night to dry up pimples.

Always let the mud dry completely before putting on clothing or going to bed. Once it is dry you won't stain clothes, sheets, or pillowcases. Keep the lid tightly on the jar when not in use. If the mud dries out, just add a few drops of water and put the lid back on. In a few hours it will be ready to use again.