Getting started with natural skin care

Posted by Garima Fairfax on

When switching to authentically natural skin care products, it's very important to be patient with the results.

If you've been using soap or other harsh cleansers that upset your skin's natural oil balance, it will take a few days for your oil production to become balanced.

If you've been using skin care products with chemical ingredients such as emulsifiers, which interfere with your skin's capacity to breathe, it can take a while—up to several weeks—for your skin to recover.

Please be aware that many skin care product manufacturers include ingredients in their products that make them look nice, are very cheap, and never go bad. Unfortunately, many of these cheap ingredients are not nourishing for your skin, and some might actually be harmful. Even some products that use the word "natural" on their label include chemical ingredients—you have to read the list of ingredients to know for sure.

So as you begin healing and rebalancing your skin with truly natural products, please be patient and give your skin time to adjust.

Also, if you are unfamiliar with natural skin care, I suggest that you start slowly, with one or two products. Use them for a few weeks so that you can make sure they are right for you. And then, if you find that you and your skin love them, begin adding more products one at a time, if you wish.

Finally, take the time to read my other hints on this page. You'll find hints that explain how natural skin care products work, why natural ingredients are so important, and other factors that can contribute to the health of your skin, such as eating well and reducing stress.